Joe Biden has a Plan for America’s Public Lands, Waters, and Wildlife

Commonsense Gun Ownership

Protect the rights of law-abiding Americans to purchase and use firearms for hunting and self-defense. Under the Biden administration there will be a strong partnership with Americans who believe in protecting the right of firearms ownership and the lives of innocent citizens.

Conserving and Restoring Wildlife Habitat

Joe Biden will lead, on-the-ground habitat restoration and resilience efforts to improve the health of America’s forests, wetlands, grasslands, shrublands, and coastal ecosystems, while reclaiming lands degraded by abandoned mines and orphaned wells. He will grow the outdoor economy in every state and create good jobs through a 21st century Civilian Conservation Corps.

Restoring the Great Lakes, Everglades, and Waterbodies Across America

Joe Biden will lead an historic effort to accelerate the restoration and improve the resilience of the great waters of America. Where Donald Trump proposed slashing funding, Joe Biden will expand the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and accelerate the restoration of the Everglades and waterbodies across America.

Improving Access to Places to Hunt and Fish

Biden will direct the Departments of Interior and Agriculture to partner with states, municipalities, and private landowners to unlock at least half of the inaccessible federal lands by 2025 by allocating portions of the Land and Water Conservation Fund to expand public access.

Recovering America’s Fish and Wildlife

Joe Biden will restore the full diversity of America’s fish and wildlife populations by leading an unprecedented, collaborative effort to restore native habitat, reconnect wildlife corridors, improve fish passage, eradicate wildlife diseases, like Chronic Wasting Disease, and stop invasive species, like Asian Carp.

Keeping Public Lands in Public Hands

Public lands will never be sold wholesale or transferred under Joe Biden’s watch. He will restore our public lands to ensure they are conserved for the enjoyment of all Americans—not special interests—and unlike President Trump, Joe Biden will only appoint leaders who are committed to keeping public lands public.

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